Photo by Maiya Elliot

Nicole Tomasofsky, Public Relations & Communications Manager at Jacob's Pillow. 

"Max and I worked together at Jacob’s Pillow...Max brought key problem-solving and creative solutions to the table when discussing strategy and systems. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Max and came to know her as a truly valuable asset to any team. She was honest, dependable, and incredibly organized. Max was always eager to learn and went above and beyond her assigned responsibilities, willing to put in extra work to do so. I confidently recommend Max for an arts administration position and would gladly welcome any experience to work with her again."


Kenneth Skrzesz, Executive Director of the Maryland State Arts Council. 

"Ms. Gorman’s work ethic, established and mature beyond her years, will allow her to succeed in any situation. Her talent, generosity of spirit, and collaborative nature are bonus character traits that, driven by her commitment to the task at hand, combine to present a creative energy that positively influences every environment. She is curious and has a love of learning that will serve her well throughout her life.
I cannot recommend Ms. Gorman highly enough.  She will rise to a leadership role in any field of pursuit

Malcolm Shute, Artistic Director of Human Landscape Dance. 

"Madeline Gorman is a strong mover with a background in contact improvisation...not only does she excel at the movements asked of her, but she brought a thoughtful, curious, enthusiastic engagement to every rehearsal...I would not hesitate to hire Madeline for a role.

I know that she will be hardworking and clever, daring and resilient in any capacity. Snap her up!" 

Caitlin McAfee, Artistic Director of BlueShift Dance. 

"In 2018, I sought her out and hired her as a dancer for my company, BlueShift Dance. Ms. Gorman immediately struck me as a confident, responsible, capable, and talented dancer...[my choreography] requires stamina, flexibility, strength, and an ability to confidently partner and Ms. Gorman fulfilled all those requirements beautifully." 


Betsy Romer, Professor in Dance at Towson University. 

"She demonstrates astute observational skills, an ability to create a distinct movement vocabulary, all while developing a growing fluency with the elements of choreography....her talent, passion, and drive are clear; her work ethic outstanding. I believe these attributes, along with her experiences throughout her undergraduate career, have more than prepared her for a successful career in the field of dance."


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