• Madeline Maxine Gorman


I have a memory like Dory. Maybe you do too. This tips have helped me with learning combinations faster. I’m still not good at it, but these have seriously made a difference.

1.) Involve as many senses as possible

When learning combinations, try using as many senses as you can. I will watch the combination, say it, physically do it, and listen to the teacher say it. I find that kind of “singing it” also helps a lot with musicality and memory. When I actually perform the combo, I’ll “sing the steps” in my head.

2.) Create a story

This method helps a lot with abstract choreography and styles of dance that don’t have names for steps. A gesture around my head will turn into “wash my hair” and weird staggering walk will become “Jack Sparrow.”

3.) High stakes combination

This idea is honestly pretty stupid, but it helps me a lot. I’ll pretend that I’m on a game show and I could win a million dollars if I remember the steps, or I’m the female version of James Bond and it’s a high stakes mission. It is silly, but it helps my brain to REALLY pay attention.

4.) Note choreography in this order: direction, arms, and feet

Oftentimes, dancing involves very intricate footwork. Focusing on that first can be overwhelming. Start first with where you’re going, add the arms next, and then focus on the feet. Even if you only get the first two, you’ll be in good shape.

5.) If all else fails, stand in the middle

If you stand in the middle of a group, you’ll be able to see what’s going on from all sides. Try not to make this a habit, but if you’re really struggling, this can be helpful.

Good luck guys! Trying to learn combinations quickly is difficult. Remember to not be too hard on yourself and have fun.

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