Photo by Bill Gorman

"Keep an eye out for Madeline Maxine Gorman. Her passion for dance and her choreography is a treasure that can push her and our dance community in the right direction." - Charm City Dance Review


I take great comfort in my rug being the same color as the curtains, walls, and furniture. It implies that there is a connection between them, but still an environment of order. My life can easily become a place of comfort, control, and conformity. This sense of order acts as a shield, which protects me from the unpredictability of the world. Yet, sometimes I am faced with instances that disrupt my everyday patterns. I may walk past a painting which hung on the bedroom wall for years and suddenly notice a background figure for the very first time. These everyday awakenings are what I constantly pursue in my work. My goal as an artist is to stir audience members to a higher state of awareness, even if it just means being fully present in one moment.


I seek to achieve this goal by exploring societal issues through the combination of contemporary movement with projection, music, spoken word, humor, and audience engagement. My movement vocabulary often draws upon technical virtuosity paired with nuanced pedestrian movement. I am deeply interested in having my dancers perform technical skills with electrifying power, while also allowing for moments of stillness and human authenticity.


The themes of my choreography often include topics like social justice, human rights, mental health, and addiction. Furthermore, I frequently seek to create an intimate environment with the audience, often utilizing proximity, interaction, and talkbacks to immerse them in the piece. I believe that the layering of production elements provides more outlets for audience members to connect with the work. Because of this, a lively dialogue with both designers and audiences is essential. It is through working with the dancers, actors, composers, and designers with whom I collaborate that each dance comes to life. 

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