Madeline Maxine Gorman


Washington, D.C.


Madeline Maxine Gorman is a talkative and loud person. That’s due in part to bad hearing, but mostly because she's always been passionate about conveying important messages.


As a communications professional, Madeline works to engage audiences, build community, and market smarter. She provide actionable strategies for web, email, social media, and content marketing so organizations can creatively increase their impact with effective, human communications.

When Madeline is not working, she's in the dance studio as the Artistic Director of GRIDLOCK Dance. Whether it’s revamping marketing strategies or choreographing a performance, Madeline is constantly finding unique solutions for life’s curve balls and creating content about the things that matter.

Professional Skillset


Madeline collaborates with organizations to refine their brand identity, create smart branding strategies to reference for years to come, and build ready-to-execute communications calendars to fulfill the organization’s mission and purpose.


Madeline helps organizations lean into their strengths and personality to infuse their marketing with impactful storytelling that resonates with their audiences. A skilled writer and editor, she ensures that language is clear, concise, and relevant.


Madeline develops strategic and sustainable social media strategies to enhance an organization’s online presence, foster authentic community-building, and enable ROI-driven decisions.


Madeline's creative approach to communications and problem-solving is informed by her background in the arts. Whether it’s revamping marketing strategies or diving into analytics, she is constantly finding unique solutions and ideas.