Always looking for my next opportunity
to create messages 
about the things that matter.

About me

I’m a talkative and loud person. That’s due in part to my bad hearing, but mostly because I’ve always been passionate about conveying important messages.

My creative approach to communications and problem-solving is informed by my artistry. I graduated from Towson University with my B.S. in Mass Communication and B.F.A. in Dance as the Commencement Speaker and an Honors Scholar. I'm currently based in Washington, DC.

As the Communications Manager at the Eno Center for Transportation, I lead all of the organization’s strategic communications, editorial work, creative design, and press relations. When I'm not working at Eno, I'm in the dance studio as the Artistic Director of GRIDLOCK Dance. Whether it’s revamping marketing strategies or choreographing a performance, I am constantly finding unique solutions for life’s curve balls and creating messages about the things that matter.

Content Strategy  Writing 
Choreography  Events Planning

 Branding   Social Media

Improvisation    Public Relations  

Creative Initiatives

My greatest value is creation. Dance is one of the ways that I create. 

I explore societal issues through the combination of contemporary movement with projection, music, spoken word, humor, and audience engagement. I believe that the layering of production elements provides more outlets for audience members to connect with the work. It is through working with the dancers, actors, composers, and designers with whom I collaborate that each dance comes to life.  ​


Communications &


Communications is another place where I channel my creativity. 

As a communications professional, I help small businesses and individuals create their brand and develop practical, replicable marketing strategies. If you are a small business owner and looking to build a brand, revamp your social media presence, optimize your email marketing, or anything in between—let's connect! 

I'm currently offering pro bono services for select clients. Contact me today to see if we could be a good team.


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